Thursday, June 18, 2009

shaked shaking..

One night I was with my family watching scary movies. Everybody was falling asleep except me, so they went to bed first. My little brother was scared so he want me to acompany him, but the movies is still played, so he must waiting me to finish it. The end of the movies is at 12 o'clock, and my little brother had sleep beside me on 'soft fa'. I couldn't really sleep i was the only one awake. I started to feel the bed shake but i thought it was probably my imagination or my little brother moving around. I feel asleep but woke up when i felt the bed shaking harder, this time i got freaked out. I felt even more scared when i remembered something...

I dropped my brother of to school morning when i came back i went back to sleep. I was awakened when i felt the bed start to shake. I got scared because i was alone in the room so i went to sleep in another room and felt nothing.

After i remember that i didn't think it was my little brother anymore the bed kept shaking. I heard tht if you swear at the ghost or whatever is there it would go away. I started to swear at it and the bed stop shaking, I felt better than suddenly my little brother opened his eyes and started to say "he's going to come back", and he kept repeating this, i kept asking him what was he talking about then he just closed his eyes and started snoring again. I told my friends and family and they got creeped out.